St. Nicholas Rehabilitation Center
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St. Nicholas Rehabilitation Center & Psychiatric Hospital

A Home away from Home for people battling Alcoholism, Substance use and Psychiatric disorders.

Commetted to Your Success

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Advocating for a society free from Alcoholism, Drug Abuse and Mental Illnesses

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Our Mission

To lead in the fight against alcohol and drug abuse through prevention treatment, rehabilitation and offering training on employability skills as a follow up to the affected adults and youths

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Our Vission

Advocating for a Society free from Alcoholism, Drug Abuse and Mental Illnesses.

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Why Choose Us

  • Qualified and experienced staff comprising of
    1. Psychiatrist Doctors
    2. Psychiatric Nurses
    3. Clinical Psychologists
    4. Addiction Counsellors
    5. Social Workers

  • We offer secondary and technical courses during and after the rehabilitation period

  • We provide a well organized and supervised exit plan and after care services to avoid relapse and ensure a successful transition.

  • Half way house services offered for severe, chronic and resistant mental illness patients.

  • We have M.O.U with advanced referral Hospitals incase of medical complications.

  • We are Accredited by Nacada and M.O.H

  • Clients are picked at doorstep incase of involuntary admission

  • The facility open and services offered 24/7

  • Secure environment with all round high concrete smooth perimeter wall with 24hr monitoring by trained security guards.

About Us

Restoring Lost Hope, Dreams & Talents.

The institute was initiated in the year 2000 to address alcoholism, drug abuse, and Mental illness, cutting across all age groups. In the present day era, unemployment and financial constraints are major issues as per United Nations figures with an estimation of 87% of the world population living below one dollar per day. This further demonstrates poverty, hunger, lack of education, maternal mortality and unemployment have a greater significance and impact.


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Our Services

You Always Get the Best Guidance.

We specialize in alcohol, drug & mental illness rehabilitation which is the process of medical or psychotherapeutic treatment depending on psychoactive substances and street drugs.

St Nicholas Rehabilitation and Nursing Home perfoms drug test for their clients at their clinic or from the clients residence.

We have a skilled and knowledgeable personnel consisting of nursing aides that provide the best medical care.

This is the process of removing addictive substances from the body under medical supervision.

This service involves counseling on the 12 steps to recovery. There are various types of counseling offered which includes; addiction counseling ,child counseling, family counseling and psychological counseling.

Psychiatric Services

We deal with diagnosis prevention study, treatment and management of mental disorders. Such mental disorders.

Spiritual Naurishment

Our clients are accorded spiritual guidance through sessions with spiritual leaders within the rehabilitation period.

After-care Services

After care services is given in a unique way through employing our clients after rehabilitation hence increasing their productivity to the society.

Secondary & Technical Education

We offer secondary education and vocation training during and after the rehabilitation process.

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We seek to lead in the fight against alcohol and drug abuse through prevention treatment, rehabilitation and offering training on employability skills as a follow up to the affected adults and youths.

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A society free from alcohol and drug abuse trained in employability skills.

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At St Nicholas Rehabilitation Center and Nursing Home, we have recognized the need to help the community counter drug addiction through quality rehabilitation services.

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